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Yes, IAS offers PhD / MPhil programme (by research) in multidisciplinary research only with at least two supervisors from different faculties/institutes/centers.

Yes, candidate can choose your potential supervisors from the HiCOE/UMCOE.

No, candidate should look for supervisors from two different faculties.


No at this moment. However, the class is conducted during weekends.

More information about our programme can be found on the IAS website (https://ias.um.edu.my/).

No, only Master’s Degree programme.

No, you are not allowed. Candidate must complete the research methodology course offered by IAS (HMX7001 / HVX8001).


All applications must be submitted online via e-application. Please click here.

Completed application (all required documents uploaded) will be processed within 15 working days.

The application is opened every semester and the closed date can be referred here.

Candidate can check the status of your application through MAYA system (maya.um.edu.my). Please click here for more information.


Fill out our google form under the Downloadable section. The application will be processed within 5 working days. You will receive a softcopy of confirmation letter from us or you can collect at the academic section counter, ground floor of IPS Building.

No, all candidates registered under IAS should fulfill the candidature requirements set and managed by IAS.

Lodge your complaint in MAYA system, the enquiries module.

Last Updated: 15/06/2021